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FlatAssembler, also known as FASM, is a popular compiler for Assembly, an old programming language.

A link to its website.
(You can download it for free,
the version for Windows still works on modern computers. I've created a web-app that will assist you with converting arithmetic expressions to a format compatible with it. You can also try assembly language programming in my PicoBlaze Simulator.)

To program in old programming languages, you need to have a deep understanding of how computers work. I myself try not to be satisfied with surface explanations, and I try to give people a deeper perspective on some things.

Hi there!

Rose with a butterfly and a snail.
I often draw
this on tests,
and that drives
teachers angry

I am Teo Samaržija pronunciation from Croatia, born in 1999.
I am known on various Internet forums as FlatAssembler.

I am interested in informatics and linguistics, and have created a programming language called AEC. I also like fighting pseudosciences, and Internet is full of them. I have many times been made to believe them by being bombarded with controversial statements I didn't know how to evaluate. So, I'd like to help others in the same position.

On this website, I'll publish the HTML5 stuff I've made (applications and games for websites), and I will also link to the forum topics I've started which I'd like to be discussed further.

And, I'll also be selling my house here.

The beliefs that define me as a person are perhaps libertarianism (the belief that human free will produces the best results when not affected by laws), vegetarianism (abstinence from eating meat of birds and mammals) and digital physics (belief that the universe is a giant computer).

My favourite song is Eric Bogle's The Green Fields of France (if your browser can't play MP4 videos on YouTube, you can download the MP4 here and open it in VLC). Eric Bogle's The Gift Of Years (MP4) is slightly less touching, but it's way easier to poetically translate into Croatian. Another one of my favourite anti-war songs is The Sun is Burning (MP4), describing a situation in which nuclear weapons are fired accidentally (probably the greatest threat to human race today). My favourite Croatian song is Gore si ti (MP4), written by Petar Grašo and sung by Oliver Dragojević. Another great song sung by Oliver Dragojević, which is easier to translate into English, is Moj Galebe (MP4). One of my favorite songs in the Serbo-Croatian language is E Moj Plavi (MP4), a political song by Đorđe Balašević (UPDATE: I received a message from somebody claiming to be Đorđe Balašević about how my translation is offensive and asking me to delete all copies of it as soon as possible, or else he is going to make a lawsuit against me. While I find it just as believable it wasn't real Đorđe Balašević, but somebody who tries to shut him up, the risk of getting into such lawsuits is rather high. If it is him, then it's rather sad that the singer-songwriter who sings anti-police songs will sue somebody for offensive speech, because it shows he doesn't actually believe what he preaches.). I think this was more than enough to show what culture I enjoy.

Previously, this site was hosted here, but I got banned from 000webhost for hate speech. I don't think anything I posted there objectively qualifies as hate speech (yet alone my whole site), so I'll host it somewhere else.