PicoBlaze Simulator

Front-end made by Teo Samaržija and Agustín Izaguirre.
Back-end not made yet...
;Insert PicoBlaze assembly here...
Example programs:
Fetching the examples from GitHub...
Please click the "Assemble" button before proceeding, or else you will be simulating PicoBlaze that constantly loops load s0, s0 (which is 00000 in hexadecimal).
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My web-app that converts arithmetic expressions to x86 assembly can run in ancient browsers, in case you want to try it.
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By using this web-app, you agree to this licence.
Abidin Durdu has made a back-end allowing users of this simulator to share their PicoBlaze assembly language programs. It is available on SourceForge (not on GitHub Pages, since GitHub Pages supports no back-end scripting).

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