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The game does NOT respond to keyboard buttons. On smartphones, the Pacman is supposed to follow your finger, to go in the direction where you last tapped. In case that doesn't work, you have buttons below the maze. On computers, it's playable by mouse.
You can see the source code, with the comments in Croatian, here.
UPDATE on 24/03/2021: I have added eyes on the ghosts, but that works only in Firefox.
UPDATE on 27/03/2021: The eyes of the ghosts no longer rely on the Firefox-specific SVG features.
UPDATE on 12/06/2021: If you want to compete for the highscore, you need to go to where SVG PacMan is hosted on SourceForge, because GitHub Pages support no server-side scripting. Warning: visiting it will insert a cookie into your browser, because SourceForge apparently forces the use of cookies instead of HTTP sessions.