The proposals that the Indo-European language family might share a common ancestor with some other language family started to originate in the late 19th century. The most popular one today is the Indo-Uralic hypothesis. None of them are accepted by the mainstream linguistics.

The Indo-Austronesian Hypothesis

I've decided to make a web-page in which I put the information about my proposal that Indo-European and Austronesian language families share a common ancestor. I realize my arguments are on borders with pseudoscience, but, let's face it, all the great scientific ideas start that way, especially in linguistics. Maybe some expert will read this and pursue my ideas.

ATTENTION: Some of the opinions stated in the following text are contrary to the mainstream science. I will not advise you to read it if you don't have a substantial background in linguistics. I am not a conspiracy theorist who wants to bombard people with controversial statements they don't know how to evaluate, and I am not denying it is possible my work is to historical linguistics what Anatoly Fomenko's work is to history. If you are ready to read it, click here.

That would be it! If you want to discuss my theory, go to the "Croatian Toponyms" forum thread I've linked to on the left. I'd like to have some educated supporters (though I realize that's unlikely). Remember, it's easy to criticize science, most scientific theories are wrong. What's hard is to contribute to some scientific theory so that it bears more explanatory power or to make a new one with more explanatory power than the existing ones.